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Denim rEVOlution

Is not that what you expected? For this we will surprise you!

The rivulet jeans

has in his DNA the exaltation of passionate womenhood.


Brand Identity

The skinny perfect shape forms, or the bright and shiny accessories are the heart of the collection, which are the frame the neweer and most fashionable forms, for a proposal as much as possible complete, which aims to a high level of marketability and becoming a reference of the jeans product , that could be integrate into the most of the mid-range markets. This isn’t about talking of women target to whom we are directing, which in our case is very broad, but of the opportunity to use, which see us present in everything that a woman lives in her daily life.

Each rivulet collection comes from the passion for jeans, from the high consideration of this garment able to overcome ephemeral trends and becoming a timeless icon, present in all wardrobe, but in constantly evolving.



The rivulet denim revolution is the style for determinated woman. All women are wonderful, even and especially those who doesn’t wear the most famous brands. Rivulet borna as a POP brand and by definition wants to be popular and accessible to all, but It doesn't mean we give up quality or novelty, rather it involves the maximum attention to contain costs and offer competitiveness. The desire is make fashion denim accessible to all, and shortly become a baseline in that segment. The selection of materials, the attention to the fit and the care of manufacture are the center of every stylistic choice just like the main fashion themes of every season that frame the continuos garments.

Spring Summer Collection 2019


Company Profile

rivulet was born from the business idea of Jimmy Chen who after so many years of experience and success of the production of jeans "Made in PRC" for the fast fashion, decides with the collaboration of his friends and partners PierLuigi and Fabio to attack the mid range of retail denim , with the certainty of having a winning business model. Conviction given by production resources of the highest level tested in the past years, by a tight professional team and the awareness of being able to offer a product with an great quality-price relation. 'The future for rivulet will be in this direction of short supply chain, to get to the sale with a very competitive proposal of products and services, proposed with winning mentality and modalities.

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